About Us

      Aynano Technology LLC was founded as an hardware and software design and consulting company in August 2015. Aynano mainly provides custom design and engineering services to microelectronics industry while performs research and development for its upcoming products.

      Core proficiency of Aynano lay in the areas of mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) and CMOS image sensor design fields with combined 20+ years of experience.  We are developing advanced, high-performance, low-voltage / low-power imaging devices and mixed-signal energy harvesting and management ICs for scientific, industrial and commercial applications.  

      We are a fabless IC design company with design, development and test capabilities for:
- CMOS Image Sensor,
- Image Sensor Readout Electronics,
- Mixed-Signal CMOS ICs,
- Test and Demo Electronics,
- Imaging and Characterization Software,

      We also provide consulting services for technology and intellectual property (IP) / patent evaluation and studies.

      Further, we acquire, rent, and sell state of the electronics test equipment to support our consulting and design services.


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