IC Design Services

      Mixed-signal IC design involves multi-faceted and complex processes. This become more complex if CMOS image sensor IC will be developed. It is because pixel development puts another level of complexity and requires multi dimensional optimization and evaluation of  existing foundry processes for successfully designing image sensor pixels for customer specific applications as shown on the figure below. Aynano would help you on all levels of the development steps (marked green) to successfully launch your product with confidence.

      We can support your company and/or project by doing studies including (but not limited to) feasibility, process/technology selection, architecture design, low/high volume IC production analysis, etc. We can provide block level or full-chip mixed-signal IC and CMOS image sensor design and layout services. We have access to several IC foundries that have process nodes that are optimized for CMOS image sensors and mixed-signal designs.

We can use your or foundry provided IP blocks or design one to best satisfy your needs.

We extensively use Tanner EDA and Cadence IC design tools. We can use your tools (on-location) to design your layout allowing seamless integration or provide turnkey layouts in standard formats (GDS2, CIF, etc.) to be integrated by your designers. 

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